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What’s Available? Promotional Inventory at Your Fingertips

What's Available? Promotional Inventory at Your Fingertips

Do you need to see how your airtime is being promised? Maybe you have a big client meeting and want to see how much promotional inventory is left to bring in that big deal. Maybe your station sounds cluttered and you need a more visual display of your commitments.

If so, PromoSuite Next has the feature for you. Our new Avails tool will show you all that. And more!

How it works

Navigate to Sales > Avails and PromoSuite Next can demonstrate how any of your on-air promotional inventory is being allocated across the calendar. But it’s not just a calendar.

When you load the calendar, you can filter whether you want to view both filled and requested time slots by name or category. View the promotional commitments and tweak them live as you go. Updates made here are reflected throughout PromoSuite Next. This gives you the (be careful, business jargon ahead) 35,000 ft. view while letting you synergize each of your silos. In all seriousness, edit the details but be aware of everything!

Prefer a report layout instead of a calendar? You’re not the only one. Some of the folks on our team feel the same way so we included that option too.

Whichever version is right for your needs will give you the chance to work more efficiently and more effectively, from anywhere.

Want to see more? Call your Client Relations Specialist at (212) 509-1200 or email to learn how you and your team can get the most out of this helpful new tool!

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