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PromoSuite is a company that provides marketing tools for the broadcast media industry. We are a diverse, innovative company that strives to give the best in service to our clients and provide a work environment where our employees can enhance their current skills and develop new skills.

Our staff works to provide each of our clients with excellent customer service and support. We do this in an environment where the free flow of ideas are shared in a relaxed, comfortable workplace.

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About PromoSuite
PromoSuite, a New York City-based software company, has been the Radio Industry’s Leader in Promotions Management Software since 1992. PromoSuite Next is a cloud-based Paperless Studio and Promotions Management system that improves radio station workflow, promoting speed, flexibility and ease-of-use in a cluster-based design. Currently over 2500 radio stations across the United States and Canada use PromoSuite Next and/or its sister product ListenerEmail, a mass email system that sends out over 40 million emails each month on behalf of its users.