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PromoSuite® Mail is the ideal email marketing solution for radio. Send out customized newsletters and breaking news alerts, create online signup forms and contests, and sync up your listener databases with your stations’ PromoSuite® Next accounts.

Explore some of our features below, and if you like what you see, get in touch with us for a quick demo or Cash or Barter price quote!


Effortlessly design and schedule promotional email blasts and newsletters using our drag-and-drop editor. No coding necessary!


Send out breaking news, scores, traffic updates and storm warnings instantly. Designed specifically so that anyone, regardless of technical ability, can get the news out and make sure you’re the first one reporting a story in your market.


Create an unlimited number of signup pages for contests, clubs and fan pages. Segment your database and ensure that your messaging is reaching the right people every time.


Schedule automatic birthday and holiday emails, and customize auto-responses for each of your signup pages. Include trackable sponsor coupons and links for a set-it-and-forget-it promotion with immediate sales income opportunity.


Protect your company from legal headaches. PromoSuite® Mail includes features to help you comply with CASL, GDPR, and COPPA.


We believe that our users should be rewarded for growing their databases and sending out frequent messages to their subscribers. That’s why all of our Cash and Barter prices stay the same, no matter what volume of email you send.

Corporate & Multi-Market Functionality

PromoSuite® Mail makes managing multiple stations or markets simpler than ever with our Corporate and Regional Dashboard capabilities. Our system allows corporate and regional staff to easily send national emails and news alerts, pull multi-market reports, and oversee complex digital operations easily and efficiently.

National News Alerts

Send national news alerts to all of your stations’ databases at once. Automatically merge local station branding and advertisements into national emails, ensuring that national news still feels local.

Multi-Market Reports

Run company-wide reports from a single login. View statistics across company regions, formats, or the entire enterprise – whatever you’re looking to research, we’ve got you covered.

API Access

Integrate PromoSuite® Mail subscriber and database information into any corporate-level software systems. Aggregate your cross-platform data points for Big Data analysis projects.


PromoSuite® Mail makes managing your listener database and communicating with your listeners easier than ever. To add even more value, pair PromoSuite® Mail with these other great systems!

PromoSuite Next

A dynamic duo. Pair PromoSuite® Mail with PromoSuite® Next to create one unified listener database. Turn your on-air winners into email recipients, auto-fill your winner sheets with email subscribers, and more.


Embed your signup pages into your Facebook fan pages, and enable Facebook login on your forms. Social fads come and go, but an email address is forever – convert your fans to email subscribers!

SoCast Digital

Sync PromoSuite® Mail with SoCast contesting to easily expand your email database. Just ask your listeners to subscribe to your email list and you’re good to go!